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Power, Privacy, and Privilege: Why PornWikileaks is not like Wikileaks

N.B.: This post may anger whoever’s behind PornWikileaks. If you’re interested in helping me turn public opinion against their hate-fueled idiocy, feel free to cross-post this piece wherever you like at your whim. It’d be nice if you linked back here, but the priority is simply that we create as many copies as possible. Thanks […]

Why Advocating Both Privacy and Transparency is not Hypocritical

Recently, I received the following question from an anonymous reader over on the Internet equivalent of my scratchpad, my Tumblr blog. While I believe that transparency is necessary…is it hypocritical to use the mask of a pseudonym and alternate persona to share sexually-explicit thoughts of a challenging nature? Should people who stand by transparency eschew […]

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